Monday, March 28, 2022

morning magpies

These images are from a project for Perthshire Care Homes, funded by Paths for All as part of my artist in residence program. 

I worked with Ken Cockburn, who met residents, to create some simple enhancements or improvements of the grounds and gardens. The poems emerged from people's descriptions of the garden and how it changed through the seasons, as well as the welcome passers-by who added interest to their day.

The aim was to demonstrate how poetry and art could encourage residents to go for short walks. I also wanted to show what was possible using a limited budget. These kind of poem-objects make ideal interventions, adding gentle signposts of interest, humourous observation, and poetic inspiration, ensuring that the garden is a stimulating and welcoming environment.

Along with these botanical poem-labels for St Ninian's, Blairgrowrie, I also created a series of nest-boxes for care homes across Perthshire. I will blog those at a later date, once the leaves are out.

St Ninian's have now added a new bench to the garden.

Thanks to Ken, Kayleigh Lytham, Carl Greenwood, and Kym. The photos are by Ken.