Monday, March 25, 2024

remember together, Pitlochry High School

'remember together' workshop led by Kate McAllan 


Over the course of a day pupils from Pitlochry High School took part in a number of memory collecting workshops, inviting them to share their stories of the Covid pandemic.


Many of these children encountered the onset of the pandemic at a time of transition: preparing to go to high school and moving in to the first few years of their adolescence. The contributions reflect a spectrum of experiences and emotions. 


The pupils reflected on the meaning of the remember together memorial. What does it mean to remember something difficult or complex? And how can we make universal works of art which make room for every person’s story?  


Using a series of prompts involving nature, friends, food and drink they painted their I remembers


Their responses tell of moments involving friends, creativity and cake-baking. Also at times there are stories of repetition, unease and loneliness.

The Colour of Memories


Recording details in small envelopes, pupils described their most vivid memory of lockdown and assigned a colour to this moment. The colours reflect the myriad of emotions involved. 


The names of the colours read like individual poems. Yellow was the dominant colour and there were several shades of blue.


One pupil remembered filling a time capsule with her brother and feeling hope for the future. She called this moment ‘Deep, meaningful blue’. 

Colour Names


Ultramarine blue


Cobalt blue


Cadmium green


Canary yellow


Naples yellow






Rose pink


Sea green


Lemon yellow


Sky blue




Olive green


Orange yellow


Deep meaningful blue



The Colour of Memories 



Light Blue


I remember me and my brothers weren’t getting along 

but one day we started building dens in the forest

and from that day we were closer than ever



Sea Green


I remember going to my auntie’s house at the beach

when it was nice and warm; the house was the colour

of the sea



Cobalt Blue


I remember most the day I found out

my gran Agnes had passed away and

I never got to tell her I loved her 

 and say goodbye



Mustard yellow


I remember being in my room for months

and not leaving much



Lemon yellow


I remember listening to people sing

over the rainbow’



Canary yellow


I remember my family and I went out looking

for those painted rocks that people would leave out.

The weather was nice that day and we went to places

we wouldn’t normally go. 





I remember being trapped within the confines

of my room



Deep, meaningful blue


I remember the day I filled my time capsule. 

I was with my brother in the hallway, and I was filling 

the jar with anything meaningful. It was the first 

moment I thought about the future. 

I remember


Alec is creating a remember together memorial to the ongoing Covid pandemic, for Highland Perthshire, Spring 2024. These workshop were held on Thursday 21st of March 2023