Thursday, April 9, 2020

for now

for now is an ongoing series of reflections on walking during the lockdown period, by Nicole Bell of Paths for All.


for now
a walk
is a kind of medicine

along with other essentials
nature is in very
limited supply

take today’s solitary walk
breathe, inhale,
look around you

bring it home
and treasure it
in safety


for now
a walk
is a reminder

of all we took 
for granted
forced apart

exchanging smiles 
from either side
of the path 

chats about the weather,
who’d have thought
we’d miss them?


for now
our evening walk
is a strange walk

jamais vu
the same steps
taken one

hundred times over
as if walked
for the first time

things will look 
after the storm

or perhaps
we will
with fresh eyes

Nicole Bell

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