Monday, August 29, 2022

A Very Short Walk at Dalchonzie

This is the first video in a new project to create 100 walks of around 100 metres, for the walking constrained. I call them VSW or Very Short Walks and they are similar to the minor walks I've written about.

The idea arose from my experience of Long Covid. I thought back to places I've visited where there was a rich walk experience within a short distance. Anyone can contribute their own suggestions. I imagine most will be short texts with a sketch map and OS map reference.

This is the film.

The mill race at Dalchonzie Power Station has always been one of my most loved landscapes. I think of it as a water garden, combining the utility of energy production, innovative architecture, expressive of the utopian era of the Scottish hydro project, and a commitment to landscape design. The site offers leisure and pleasure, as well as power. Other energy forms signally fail to provide such a social good. No-one goes for an evening walk in the grounds of an oil refinery or nuclear power station.

I visited on 27.VIII.22, in the early evening of a summer day.

If you would like to do this very short walk, Dalchnozie is near Comrie: grid ref: NN7405421975. 

Another Very Short Walk nearby would be to Earthquake House in Comrie.

There is more information on minor walks here.

For full disclosure, I did have a relapse as a result of the walk, with breathing issues on day two and three, which is typical of Long Covid. The Very Short Walk was worth it, but there was a cost.

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