Sunday, October 29, 2023

Emily’s letter to winter

The 'letter to winter' concept was devised by Hester Parr for the wintering well collective and their project, 'light is a right', offering support for those vulnerable to low winter light.

It is included in the book, which is available in print and online formats.

This letter to winter was written by Emily, using the guidelines included in the book. 

If you are interested in purchasing a book they are £5.00, from

Dear Winter, 


It feels unfair to blame you for how bad I feel when you're not even here yet. That's autumn's fault but it's easy to forget that when there's so much I love about autumn.


I should focus on the things I enjoy about you too. 


The crunch of frost or fresh snow. 


The bare branches making it easier to spot birds, especially the blue and long-tailed tits flitting about. 


The pleasure of waking up to thick frost or torrential rain and knowing I can stay wrapped up warm inside. 


The blueness of the sky after days of rain. 


The joy of watching the light slowly returning. 


The comfort of warm puddings. 


The first snowdrops and hazel catkins, then crocuses and the first daffodils, signs of life that are all the more precious for their scarcity compared to the abundance that comes next. 


Maybe you're not so bad after all. It's your lack of light that's hard to bear, especially on an endlessly grey day. That's also not so bad if I stop to think about it. It's a necessary part of our seasons, and I do love those, and of the life cycle of so many species that need this cold, dark time. 


I wouldn't like to live somewhere with no winter really. 


I'll stop being so hard on you and focus on the things that make you a little easier for me.



October 2023






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