Thursday, February 29, 2024

remember together (Highland Perthshire)

These ‘I remember’ were gathered for a ‘remember together’ Covid memorial that I’m creating in Highland Perthshire; one of five commissions in Perthshire.

They come from members of the community and, as with the I remember book published as part of Scotland’s Covid Memorial, they give a sense of the diverse ways in which Covid impacted on all our lives. 

A collective act of remembrance is never a uniform expression of feeling: our lives differ and the pandemic laid bare some of the causes of those differences. These memories are also a way of restating a difficult truth: the pandemic is not over.

If you’d like to contribute a memory then please do, wherever you live. You can send them to

I will be posting more information about the design of the memorial and its proposed location in the Spring.

Thanks to Julia Harriman for her help with the project. 


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