Wednesday, March 18, 2020

time & illness

In a radical new way our society has entered a new time frame, one defined by illness, the threat of illness, or the losses imposed by illness. 

Those with chronic conditions have longstanding experience in measuring out the day by the way the light falls on the wall, the pips of the news, or footfall of the postie and sound of the mail clattering to the floor. 

The day of illness drags because it lacks for events; they have to be invented, imagined and dreamed. A walk to the kitchen can seem an impossible hike. During the days, weeks, months, or years when, for many of us, our lives are going to be constrained in new ways, here are a few notes on time and illness.

relapse (the space between) recovery

you must rest for some time
before you can really rest

the only solution is the time it takes to rest it out

in the sonnets of illness
lines 12-14 are for taking a rest

like a puck in the gob: you look well, said to you when you’re ill

nothing good comes of playing I remember… with your well-self as it was in the past
the click of clock time, the tip-tap-toe of lived time, the long durée of ill time

in different ways, a great loss imposed by enforced labour conditions and, equally, by illness, is the way we slip from circadian rhythm

there was never more Spring cleaning done than in those first weeks of the virus







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