Friday, February 28, 2020

The Mountain of Patient-led Healthcare

These drawings are from a classic guide to mountain rescue.

Separated from the text, I found the illustration were touching images of human vulnerability, care, solidarity, and love for one another. Drifting them away from their context of the heroic mountains, I adapted them to contexts of healthcare and activism.

The pairings are, firstly, Maggie Jencks and her friend Laura Lee. Laura was a chemotherapy nurse who treated Maggie and went on to become the chief executive of Maggie's Centres, which remains one of the most radial examples of patient-led healthcare.

The other pairing, Derek Jarman and Simon Watney, represents two tireless campaigners for a respectful and unprejudiced response to HIV/AIDS. Wanted was the co-founder of OutRage.

They climbed the mountain for all of us.

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